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Founded in 2010,, is a neutral professional association dedicated solely to crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. As one of the most influential and credible authorities in the crowdsourcing space, is recognized worldwide for its intellectual capital, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding practice expertise and unbiased thought leadership.'s mission is to serve as an invaluable source of information to analysts, researchers, journalists, investors, business owners, crowdsourcing experts and participants in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms.

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Lessons Crowdfunders Can Learn from Entrepreneurs Pitching to Angels

Andrew Koved of writes in to discuss why he thinks backing a crowdfunding campaign isn't unlike investing in a startup, and provides three important tips inspired by entrepreneurs pitching to investors.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 23, 2014 07:01 pm GMT304 views
Crowd Coffee: April 23
Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

In this mid-week edition: celebrating JOBS Act anniversary a few weeks late; why Kickstarter doesn't fit well with content creators; crowdsourcing legal research, again; a look inside Samsung's open innovation center; and more.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 23, 2014 01:31 pm GMT467 views
Top Crowdfunding Platforms According to User Reviews [Infographic]

We feature an infographic created by CrowdsUnite, the Yelp for crowdfunding platforms. Which platforms came in tops in customer service, funding from strangers, and ease of use? Read on to find out.

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Anton RootApr 22, 2014 07:51 pm GMT794 views
Crowd Coffee: April 22
Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation

In this Crowd Coffee: equity crowdfunding in Denmark may be on the horizon; why using Kickstarter to buy the Wu-Tang album makes little sense; Thomson Reuters and internal crowdsourcing; GE and Saudi Aramco put on an open innovation challenge; taxing the sharing economy; and more.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 22, 2014 02:15 pm GMT494 views
Crowd Powered Business: New Rules, New Enterprises [Video]
Crowd Creativity, Crowdfunding, Open Innovation

Over the past few months, we’ve been showcasing presentations from Massolution NYC 2013, and today we post the final video of the conference. This presentation by Carl Esposti, CEO and founder of Massolution and, doesn’t introduce any new content, but instead reminds the viewers of some of the most interesting points from the conference.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 21, 2014 08:02 pm GMT1185 views