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Landing Pages That Convert

Are you looking to start a crowdfunding campaign, but aren't ready to start accepting money just yet? One way to generate excitement pre-launch, and to collect information about potential backers, is to create a landing page. In the latest Rose Recommends, crowdfunding expert Rose Spinelli discusses what makes an effective campaign page — read her advice, and leave your own questions in the comments below.

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Rose SpinelliApr 20, 2015 04:00 pm GMT682 views
Crowd Coffee: April 20
Crowdfunding, Open Innovation

In this Crowd Coffee: crowdfunding and solar energy; is crowdfunding political in nature; crowdsourcing political freedom; open innovation efforts in India; FTC looking at the sharing economy; and more.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 20, 2015 09:18 am GMT532 views
Progress Made on Proposed South Carolina Intrastate Crowdfunding Bill

Intrastate crowdfunding efforts are becoming much more commonplace, with the majority of states now having enacted intrastate exemptions, or considering them. One of the more interesting proposed exemptions has been introduced in South Carolina, sponsored by Rep. Dwight Loftis, who is the chairman of the House Committee on Economic Development. The proposed bill, HB 3088, would not only allow accredited and non-accredited state residents to invest in South Carolina businesses, but it would also provide tax incentives for investors.

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Anton RootApr 17, 2015 05:03 pm GMT965 views
CameraLends Enables Photographers, Filmmakers to Share Equipment
Distributed Knowledge, Tools

CameraLends is an up-and-coming sharing economy company that connects individuals looking to rent cameras and microphones with those who are not currently using their equipment. To find out more about the company and how it cultivates trust among its members, we sent some questions to the company's founder, Adam Derewecki. His answers, after the jump.

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Anton RootApr 17, 2015 01:19 pm GMT958 views
Crowd Coffee: April 17
Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge

In this end-of-week edition of Crowd Coffee: is Title III still important; equity crowdfunding hits $650m+; crowdfunding and crowdsourcing and MIPIM; Appririo raises a ton of money; and more.

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Crowdsourcing.orgApr 17, 2015 10:31 am GMT825 views