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Ideavibes Announces it is Wrapping Up Fundchange

Ideavibes Announces it is Wrapping Up Fundchange
Summary Fundchange announces it is wrapping up one of Canada's first crowdfunding websites for charities and non-profits after almost 2 years.
Description Ideavibes founder and CEO, Paul Dombowsky, announced today that they are wrapping up their Fundchange ( initiative on December 9th, and helping members transition to Vancouver based FundRazr ( for their online giving and crowdfunding needs, if interested.

Fundchange, one of Canada’s first crowdfunding websites for Canadian charities and non-profits, focused on helping organizations not only fund worthwhile projects or doable asks.

Fundchange raised over $100,000 from individual donors and sponsor TELUS for small projects. A total of 18 projects were funded on Fundchange and ranged in scope from programs to IT purchases, to travel and experiences.


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