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A Short Tour of 12 Social Platforms: Findings

A Short Tour of 12 Social Platforms: Findings
Summary Sergey Karelov, Witology | We try to «capture» the very essence of the functionalities of the platforms.
Description Counterparts from Thebrainyard published an interesting guided tour of 12 social platforms, having done their utmost to describe the functionality of each of the platforms. Everyone can take the tour.

1) Jive Software is an «annotated social stream» («stream of consciousness» and a flow of your «friends» comments pouring down your «wall»). That is, it is a further development of the «standard» social functionality of Facebook (i.e. maintain profile, comment on, evaluate, share, recommend, etc.) in order to channel the just-passing-time-with-«friends» process into attempts to enhance the business productivity of employees through their immersion in the «annotated social stream».

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