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Crowdsourced credit card debuts

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Crowdsourced credit card debuts
Consumers who love social media might be intrigued by a new credit card that aims to involve an online community.

The card is the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard, unveiled Monday from Barclaycard U.S., the Wilmington, Del.-based domestic payments business of Barclays.

"In essence, it's the first crowdsourced credit card, as it pulls back the curtain that has traditionally separated banks from their customers to give the community a say over decisions related to economic trade-offs, product constructs and even profit-sharing," the company statement said.

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  • Guest Merchant Account Mar 28, 2012 10:24 pm GMT

    I love the way card issuer are using social media these days. They are all looking for ways to give us incentives to use their cards and I have nothing against that. I understand that there is the risk of getting people who lack self-restraint to overspend by making card use more attractive, but that is always a possibility and not a good enough reason to interfere.

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