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Expert Sourcing as Advanced Version of Curated Crowdsourcing

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Expert Sourcing as Advanced Version of Curated Crowdsourcing
Summary Sergey Karelov is talking about the new crowdsourcing models that keep springing up (Curated Crowdsourcing, etc.).
Description In 2012 crowdsourcing is one of the fastest growing online business technologies. And this is not only quantitative growth, but also qualitative one.

The latter means that the existing crowdsourcing models are becoming increasingly sophisticated and new models keep springing up.

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For instance, the advantages of a new model called Curated Crowdsourcing were first described back in 2010.

And from the very outset, the term «curated» with regard to crowdsourcing has been recognized as just a fine word to address the needs for ‘management, methods and standards to guarantee the quality of crowd-powered outsourcing.’

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