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How To Open-Source And Crowd-Source Your Selling

blog Cloud Labor, Crowdfunding, Open Innovation
Summary In these challenging times traditional job descriptions and role demarcations are redundant. No more is this evident than in

Description Organizations can no longer afford to leave selling purely in the domain of the sales department. Companies must open-source their business development effort beyond the sales department to create a 'virtual sales team'.
Selling used to be the job of a few, but with the economic slowdown it quickly became apparent that sales has to be a feature of all job descriptions. From the CFO who leverages his contacts to get into some new accounts, the project manager who adds his contacts to the sales database or the customer support staff who revisit past customer contacts -

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  • Guest Web Development Company India Jan 29, 2016 06:26 am GMT

    Hi annajay.
    I too support that organizations must have an open source business development option for them. Gaining a customer is pretty much harder than developing a project.

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