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It’s Official! Crowdfunding is Not a Fad

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It’s Official! Crowdfunding is Not a Fad
Summary Crowdfunding is a “game-changer” for enterprises in identifying start-ups AND predicting those more likely to succeed.
Description The following success stories provide further evidence that crowdfunding is more than a fad, and provides enterprise marketers and sales executives with invaluable intelligence on startups:

1. Scott’s LunaTik and TikTok watches
2. For his Startup Fever game, Louis Perrochon surpassed his original goal of $10,111, raising more than $30,000 from 380 backers through Kickstarter.
3. Testing an idea that would create swimming pools on New York City’s rivers, + Pool has raised $41,647 (surpassing its goal of $25,000) from 1,203 backers.

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