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10 Things that have been Crowdsourced in 2011

Summary Crowdsourcing is all the rage, as brands move closer to their audiences and make use of co-creation sites to unearth winning ideas. And so this articles presents a list of 10 things that have been crowdsourced in 2011.
Description The 10 things that have been crowdsourced in 2011 are as follows:

Innocent Drinks crowdsources a TV ad and product labelling
Deutsche Boerse and NYSE crowdsource a new name
Google crowdsources the removal of webspam
Rolling Stones crowdsources its cover
LinkedIn crowdsources the news
Sony crowdsources a Michael Jackson video
Brisk crowdsources imagery for limited edition cans
Wrangler is crowdsourcing its next pair of jeans
The US Army crowdsources a combat support vehicle design
Revolutionaries crowdsource translations

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