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3 Benefits of Creative Crowdsourcing for Marketers

document Crowd Creativity
With the rise of Pinterest and the rollout of Timeline for Facebook Pages, marketers are leveraging new media to build and strengthen their brands through user-generated content. Whether it’s inviting consumers to express a certain lifestyle through images or promoting social conversations about a brand, the next generation of marketing will strategically harness the power of content created by the crowd in clever and compelling ways. Creative crowdsourcing provides marketers with a reliable and effective tactic to involve fans and customers directly in a company’s brand.
Description Here are three ways crowdsourcing can benefit your marketing strategy.

*Engaging Content. Creative crowdsourcing is a powerful tool to add to your library of shareable content.

Online WOM (word-of-mouth). Engagement from a crowdsourcing campaign can extend well beyond the development of content. Inviting a brand audience to view and vote for submissions can drive awareness and increase participation and contributions to a campaign.

Creative Insights. Whether your campaign targets consumers or the brightest imaginations, crowdsourcing delivers a range of creative expression from people all over the world that can influence inform a brand’s creative positioning.

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