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A nonprofit's guide to peer-to-peer fundraising

document Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge, Tools
Summary This 23 page guide will cover:

What’s peer-to-peer fundraising anyway? How is it done?
Why should your nonprofit care about peer-to-peer?
Peer-to-peer fundraising bypasses the credibility gap
Peer-to-peer fundraising expands your donor list
Fundraisers have more long term value than donors
Fundraisers are your cause ambassadors and nonprofit advocates
Planning for peer-to-peer fundraising success
Nurture your strongest supporters
What’s your peer-to-peer fundraising worthy event?
Arm your fundraisers with the right information
Picking the right peer-to-peer fundraising platform
The Basics
The All-Stars
Peer-to-peer fundraising grows your mission by engaging your network’s network, empowering one time donors to become life long fundraisers.


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