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Afghanistan Arising

document Distributed Knowledge
Summary Afghanistan is about to blossom into a vibrant, modern nation; unfortunately the ongoing turmoil and the relentlessly negative media coverage obscure this underlying dynamic. A new Afghanistan is unfolding unseen before our very eyes. USAID's recent report, Partnership, Progress, Perseverance, provides an overview of the significant progress that has been made in health and education, while developing infrastructure and human capital.
Cell phone penetration and internet connectivity are creating a new playing field. Instant messaging, Twitter feeds and crowd sourcing are the new players on this field. An impressive agriculture crowdsourcing effort in Nangarhar province represents the thin edge of this wedge, a wedge that will separate corrupt government from any mass support. New collaboration technologies will aggregate grass roots insistence on good local governance, insisting on transparency, openness, and responsiveness to local needs, including security.

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