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Africa starts crowdsourcing finance for films – maybe local TV programmes should follow

Summary Africa has begun to join in the fun on crowdsourcing some of the funding for feature films. Crowdsourcing is getting lots of small contributions from individuals that taken together can make up a good chunk of change. Furthermore it connects the film to the audience at pre-production stage. Russell Southwood and Sylvain Beletre look at how it might improve film finance and speculate on whether it could do the same for local TV programmes.
Description Crowdsourcing allows a film-maker to pitch his or her idea and in exchange for some modest benefits to raise funding for it. This is not going to float Hollywood blockbuster budgets but for more modestly budgeted film projects, it can form one leg of a three-legged funding stool that might include donations, sponsorship and public funding. Also if you have a film idea that can raise either significant numbers of donors (however small) or significant sums of money, this might help persuade other sources of funding to come in.

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