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American Filmmakers Launch Global Fundraiser To Finish Documentary On The UK Recording Pioneer Joe Meek

document Crowdfunding
Summary Susan Stahman and Howard S. Berger of Los Angeles based PalmDoorFilms have turned to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to help complete their documentary on 1960's British music production pioneer Joe Meek, entitled: A LIFE IN THE DEATH OF JOE MEEK.
Description Both filmmakers feel the crowdfunding method of financing is the most appropriate way to see the movie to completion. Co-director Susan Stahman explains, “Kickstarter is the least cynical business platform for fundraising. It’s people backing your project with trust and emotion. And they benefit as quickly as the creators -- the project gets funded and the backer receives some pretty exciting incentives ranging from exclusive promotional material to a private screening with the directors and on-screen credit.


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