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Americans Elect Reach The Half-Way Mark in South Dakota

Americans Elect announced this week that it has secured a ballot line in South Dakota. More than 15,000 registered voters signed the Americans Elect petition, nearly twice the state requirement, signaling that South Dakotans want a serious alternative choice for president this November. That brings the number of states that AE has qualified for a ballot line in to 25.
“With its crowdsourcing approach, Americans Elect is trying to do its part to shatter the duopoly,” said South Dakota Delegate volunteer Nick Zachariasen in a press release put out by the organization. “Many of us are tired of politics as usual. Too many times it feels as if those we elect are more interested in pleasing their party and special interests than in serving the people. Those of us in South Dakota have little or no input in the selection of qualified candidates and we only get to vote on those candidates that are put forward by the two parties.”

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