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Announcing the WordStream Internet Marketing 150: The Top Internet Marketing Software/SaaS Providers 2012

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The Internet marketing industry is a vast sea of companies of all different sizes, operating in areas from email marketing to crowdsourcing to search engine optimization. It’s virtually impossible to operate a business in 2012 without engaging in Internet marketing, and it’s very easy to get lost in this sea of providers. To help end users and businesses navigate the Internet marketing landscape, WordStream Inc., a provider of search engine marketing software and services, has created a map of the top web marketing companies.
The WordStream Internet Marketing 150 compiles the top software and SaaS providers currently doing business in 10 major business categories, including content marketing and blogging, conversion rate optimization, crowdsourcing, email marketing, marketing automation, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, video hosting and management, and web analytics.

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