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Can Maryland's other "CIO" cultivate innovation in government?

Summary Bryan Sivak told TechPresident on his second day at work that he wanted to define what it means to build a system for innovation in government: "If you can systemize what it means to be innovative, what it means to challenge the status quo without a budget, without a lot of resources, then you've created something that can be replicated anywhere."
Description One of the best ideas that Sivak brought to his new gig was culled directly from the open government movement: using collective intelligence to solve problems. "My job is to fight against the entrenched status quo," said Sivak in an interview this winter. "I'm not a subject expert in 99% of issues. The people who do those jobs, live and breathe them, do know what's happening. My job is to find them, help them, get them discovered, and connect them." That includes both internal and external efforts, like a pilot partnership with citizens to report downed trees last year.

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