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Chaordix Transforms Marketing Plans With Crowd Intelligence

document Distributed Knowledge
Summary Crowdsourced marketing specialist Chaordix has announced Crowd Intelligence™, a process which applies unique new methods of crowdsourcing and data analysis to generate new levels of rich market insight and data that would be difficult, if not impossible, to acquire through traditional research methods. Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ is a refining methodology and technology that for the first time brings innovation, market research and brand insight into a single unified program.
Crowd Intelligence™ differs from and improves upon traditional methods of market research in multiple important ways including:

? Generating both rich qualitative and quantitative data from the same larger crowd
? Providing the ability to follow up on early findings with the same crowd for more clarity
? Involving the crowd in prioritization and filtering of the data
? Less survey and sample bias
? Higher sustained levels of participation and greater overall market data to analysis

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