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Crowd Funding for Artists

With the nature of today’s online activities, it is of no surprise that several websites are now running Crowd Funding projects, mainly leader Kickstarter, but also sites such as IndieGoGo and RocketHub. Each offers quite similar set of functionalities, with some differences in their surcharge fees etc.
Moshe Mikanovsky found some visual artists using CrowdFunding:

Example1:Support an art collective for one year.Luck You Art Collective from New York,NY,a group of 17-19 years old artists,raised more than $16,000 back in December 2010.

Example 2:Art Calendar publication. Artist Patrick Gannon created amazing paper cut artwork for the 12 months,but needed couple of thousand dollars to produce it into a professional looking calendar.

Example 3:A public art project. 745 people wanted to see artist Molly Crabapple celebrating her 28th birthday locked in a hotel room for 5 days,covering the walls with paper and filling every inch of it with art.

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