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Crowd-Funding Website Kickstarter Has Double Million Dollar Day

Kickstarter, the Manhattan-based crowd funding website launched in 2009 that’s since gone on to fund an iPod Nano Watch and the Occupy Wall Street Journal, among other strange projects, has made two projects into millionaires.On Friday, the Kickstarter team announced that users had successfully funded two different projects to the tune of $1 million each within the same 24 hour period. Both projects set the record for the most dollars ever raised on the website. One of them also set the record for fastest funded project yet.
Kickstarter allows anyone to launch projects and solicit donations on its website. The first project to hit the $1 million mark, at 2:08 pm ET, is a third-party iPhone docking station. And the second project to become a millionaire — a new adventure game from Double Fine, the acclaimed videogame studio run by Tim Schafer — did so at 6:42 pm, just 22 hours after it was posted on the website.

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