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CrowdFunding- We’re All in this Together

Summary During economic hardship, certain areas are suffering the consequences of our country’s vast debt: university fees are rising to the point where many cannot afford the cost of an education; our soldiers are fighting a war without the equipment they need and a plague of budget cuts are sweeping through the institutions of our society – including the Arts sector.Where can we go? Who can help us? The answer to that may well be the rising emergence of ‘crowd funding’.
Description The document teaches us the chances of winning in life through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding provides the a way for the people to decide what they would like to see, which works in their favor as choice is a valued desire in life, but also works in favor of the project team who can use the funding support as evidence of backing of their work – after all, people aren’t going to give money to a production they don’t want to see!

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