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Crowdfunding: How Indiegogo Connects Concepts With Cash

Those who have ever sought funding for a project know that riding the wave of the Internet crowdfunding movement isn’t as easy as it looks. Although legislation such as the JOBS Act is opening the doors for extensive, online peer-funding, just finding peers who are willing to give up their hard-earned cash for your project can be a huge hassle.
Indiegogo relies on “user democracy” — anybody can raise money for anything, and the power of the funders help dictate what catches fire and ends up on the website’s homepage. The result is that those looking for funding can reach new audiences to help get their work realized.

“We help you get more money than you ever could on your own,” Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin explains. “First, by making sure the experience is as good as possible on Indiegogo, and then helping to amplify it out to more people than you ever could.”

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