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CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT: Market Trends, Composition and Crowdfunding Platforms

Research document Crowdfunding Industry-focused Research , Research Report
Description This research report provides an in-depth analysis of crowdfunding market trends and composition, and an overview of Crowdfunding Platforms (CFPs) that explains their functionality and the different models at play. The report is based on two sources of data: The Crowdfunding Industry Survey, conducted in the first quarter of 2012 by with analyses conducted by Crowdsourcing LLC's research and advisory business, massolution; and significant research conducted via other reliable sources to complete the profiling of the global crowdfunding industry.
Table of Contents

About this Research
Research Sponsors
Participating Crowdfunding Platforms
Key Messages
Introduction and Methodology
– Definition of four main types of crowdfunding platforms
– Research methodology
– Breakdown of number of participating CFPs by category and region
– Breakdown of participating CFPs in terms of funds raised by category and region
Market Growth and Composition
– Growth in worldwide funding volume and composition by funds raised, category, year, and region
– Forecast of funds raised for 2012 by category
– Market growth and composition by number of CFPs, category, year, and region
– Market growth and composition by number of campaigns, year, and region
– Average campaign size by category
– Total funds raised by CFP maturity
– Concentration of funds raised by Top 5 and Top 10 CFPs
– Analysis of funds pledged compared to funds paid out
– Location of CFPs globally
– Percentage breakdown of CFPs by region and category
Crowdfunding Models
– Allocation of capital for Equity-based and Lending-based categories by industry sector
– Analysis of funds paid out per Equity-based project
– Funds paid out for Reward-based and Donation-based categories by industry sector
CFPs Value Proposition, Functionality and Approach
– Commissions earned by CFPs
– White Label offerings by CFP category
– CFP's level of involvement in contracts
– Average crowdfunding campaign timeframes
– Analysis of the number of times Funders and fundraisers participate in campaigns and on the same platform
– Use of escrow accounts and forms of payment methods
– Basic requirements for fundraisers seeking to raise funds on a CFP
– Top differentiating factors offered by CFP by category

Report Code: m.4.2.014

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