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Crowdfunding the undead: 5 Kickstarter campaigns for zombies

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Zombies have taken over the Kickstarter community. They're in your games. They're in your clothes. They're in your comic books. They're just about everywhere.Sprung from the chaos surrounding May's violent, bizarre, and zombie-esque attack on 62-year-old homeless man Ronald Poppo, Kickstarter has seen a rash of new zombie-centric campaigns sprout about. Over 30 are currently active and seeking funding, and many exhibit the expansiveness, gore, and downright unique nature that comes with centering a campaign around a group of undead individuals who feed on the flesh of those still living.
In light of the recent zombie apocalypse onto the Web, here are five projects in particular that deserve attention and money:

1) Mennonite of the Living Dead
2) Zombies & Tiaras
3) George Romero in Zombie Squash Game
4) Escape from Zombie U
5) Zombi Kitchen

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