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Crowdfunding Your Startup: 10 New Websites Put Cash in Your Company

document Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge
Summary Crowdfunding is a new funding business model that some firms are starting to look at to get money for their start-ups or to take their business plans further. In many instances it is not so much how many crowdfunding websites are out there that you can tap into to get money, but rather which have a reputable name and will guarantee results to entrepreneurs that want to take their business plans to the next level.
Description Some of us have never thought about pooling the resources we can get from family, friends or even strangers to take gigantic steps forward in a business. With the crowdfunding model this is analyzed from different perspectives with the introduction of social networks and interactive platforms that make it easy for people to find supporters and get their message about their business out loud and clear. We are approaching an age where banks may not necessarily be the solution that people will turn to to get funding thanks to the great possibilities that are online through crowdfunding.

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