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CrowdIt Now Accepting Crowdfunding Proposals for the New American Dream, $10,000 Goes to Top Project After June Launch

document Crowd Creativity, Crowdfunding, Tools
Summary CrowdIt today announced it is accepting projects. The company’s focus is helping people not only raise funding for great project ideas, but also tap the power of the crowd to gain feedback, mentoring and networking as a means of achieving their goals and dreams. CrowdIt also announced it will contribute $10,000 to the project that reaches the highest amount of funding by Aug. 18, 2013, 75 days after the CrowdIt site goes live on June 4.
Description CrowdIt is the crowdfunding site for the inventors, innovators, fledgling entrepreneurs, creative artists, technologists and dreamers of the next “Big Thing.” The site’s strategy for crowdfunding extends beyond just raising money, but incorporates social interaction, mentoring and business networking to create an empowered community focused on achievement and success. CrowdIt is helping re-define the New American Dream by empowering people – whether individuals pursuing projects, supporters of funding campaigns or business experts and VCs – to play an active and important role in the crowdfunding process.


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