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CrowdOptic Announces Enterprise Photo Curation Solution For Live Events

CrowdOptic, a maker of crowd-driven mobile applications,today announced a new enterprise solution which leverages the company's proprietary cluster recognition technology to curate fan photos at live events with heightened precision, accuracy and relevancy.Drawing from thousands of digital fan photos generated over the course of a major live sporting or entertainment event, the CrowdOptic solution identifies photos that are associated with "clusters," groups of fans who are pointing the smartphone cameras at the same place at the same time while in the act of taking a photo or video.
"Crowdsourced photos are a great untapped resource for enterprises, provided that they are equipped to analyze the thousands of pictures taken at a live event, and to curate them in a way that makes sense based on what fans responded to during that event," said CrowdOptic COO Jim Kovach. "We are using conventional methods for reading metadata and combining this data with our own proprietary technology to help enterprises curate fan photos for maximum relevancy and impact."

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