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Crowdsourcing and the Evolving Relationship between Artist and Audience

document Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge
Summary The artist and audience relationship is evolving as a result of technological advancement. The internet is the most recent technological manifestation of this as artists and audiences are using crowdsourcing, a method of harnessing the power of many in order to perform a task, in the creative process. This research project interrogates the current and future relationship between the artist and audience. This is accomplished through my exploration of the relationship between the artist and audience, the historical
technological arc of that relationship and by providing examples of creative endeavors that utilize crowdsourcing.

Description The audience’s ability to influence artistic projects through their use of Web 2.0 tools have brought crowdsourcing forward as a legitimate and now common place method for artistic creation. Artists are seeing the advantages and possibilities of bringing the audience into the artistic experience.

Artists are finding in crowdfunding that they are better able to capitalize their projects. They can take control over the use of their funds raised and over the art itself. The audience, now more than ever, can directly put their money where their preferences lie, instead of relying on an institution to make decisions for them.

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  • Guest jodie Jul 24, 2011 02:27 am GMT

    bless your cotton socks. This was great reading for my thesis!

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