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Crowdsourcing (Definition/Examples)

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
Summary This article provides basic information explaining and illustrating crowdsourcing.
Description An easy read that will let you know what crowdsourcing is, and explains it with good examples.

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  • Amy Steiner Amy Steiner Dec 10, 2010 08:24 pm GMT

    So basically crowdsourcing is a way of reducing overhead costs for organizations by posing their challenges to the greater public. I wasn't aware that so many organizations were utilizing it.

  • Guest Pliny Gale Mar 15, 2011 01:04 am GMT

    It looks like crowdsourcing really hurts the professional design community. It encourages business to spend a little bit of money on a flashy, trendy logo just for the sake of having one. It does not give designers chance nor reason to actually research a company and create a lasting image. Not to mention that it drastically undercuts the wages of professional designers.

  •, Inc., Inc. Apr 24, 2012 02:24 pm GMT

    Most of the time commercial entities do not have the luxury to sit around and wait for the crowdsourcing to solve their problems. If they wait the competition will eat their lunch. If the problem does not need to be addressed quickly and it is not a competitive issue then one can throw it out to be tinkered with the unwashed masses. As far as competition with the "professionals" goes, they should ask themselves if perhaps they are overvaluing their services if someone else does the job better and cheaper.

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