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Crowdsourcing for Destination Marketing- Make it Personal!

document Distributed Knowledge
Tourism boards around the world, such as in Canada, Australia, Iceland amongst many others, have been embracing crowdsourcing for the last few years. Engaging the local community, giving them the power to showcase their knowledge of their own destination while at the same time enhancing the authenticity and ‘personal experience’ factor in the marketing messages is a path widely chosen in many campaigns.
Here are some recent examples on crowdsourcing for destination marketing:

*Destination NSW recently launched the Global Youth Campaign, designed to get people talking online about all there is to experience in NSW.

*Louisiana Travel, part of the state’s Department of Culture,Recreation and Tourism,recently asked for its residents to become festival fanatics supporting their state in claiming the title of the Festival Capital of the World.

*Visit Savannah launched the competition in response to the criticism directed at its“General O” video,a 3-minute,30-second clip released last October that highlighted Savannah’s top tourism sites but was panned as a “minstrel show” by critics.

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