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Crowdsourcing Project Announced To Find The Top 50 Mobile Marketing Services In The Booming New Industry

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Summary Jay Turner maintains the Make Money Online ASAP blog. He is asking bloggers, website and business owners to submit their experiences with mobile marketing services that have helped them get more customers. This is done by submitting a link to a blog post, or youtube video to him for review. If the experience is a valuable lesson in using Mobile Marketing with a specific company, he will post it to the Company's profile page in his Mobile Marketing Company directory.
Description "The crowdsourcing takes the form in anyone who has a demonstrative positive experience with a mobile marketing service and has mentioned it via social media mentions, a blog post or a youtube video, go to my site and send me to your story. If it's legitimate and newsworthy I'll post a summary and a link to it from the company's profile page at my site. It's my hope that what we create is a resource that enhances everyone's results. The industry is just so dynamic." - Jay Turner

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  • Dany Goel Dany Goel Nov 29, 2011 02:33 pm GMT

    SMS Marketing or Text Message Marketing Allow customers to request real-time information about your business via text message, while

    putting your contact information in the customer's phone for future reference as well as allow you to capture customer's mobile number.
    TxtImpact offers a feature-rich, Web-based administrative tool to give businesses the ability to launch, manage and track their own sms marketing campaigns. We offer number of out of box text messaging applications, allow businesses, universities, non profit organizations, and various industries to interact with mobile phone users and enrich their communication, marketing and advertising programs.

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