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CrowdTogether’s crowdsourcing platform boosts engagement

document Crowd Creativity
For many small to medium businesses, CrowdTogether is used as a social strategy that is centered around engagement and activation. The Austin-based company provides a free social media marketing platform built around crowdsourcing wherein companies simply creates an online contest (from apparel to video creation), opens it up for submissions, names a prize based on other members’ voting in the winner, and for free, the platform gives fans and consumers a greater sense of ownership over the brand as they engage. CrowdTogether is used by marketing managers, event promoters, entertainers and brands to activate, engage and connect with community members.
According to Richard Spiegel, CEO of CrowdTogether, “The music industry has been our most successful vertical market thus far.” CrowdTogether allows brands, or in this case bands, to activate and engage their fans specifically through design, photo or audio/video contests. The key here is that the tool uses a voting model to drive participation. Spiegel adds, “as a tool for bands and promoters, it’s a great way to build your community.”

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