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Disruptive Charity: Harnessing the power of the crowd to solve social problems

What separates people who take action from those who don’t depends on their view of reality for reality can be both stubborn and painful. The reality that we, humans, live in an imperfect world. The reality that everyday a child is losing a parent to HIV/AIDS. The reality that men, women and children are everyday dying because of a lack of food. The reality that we are at times powerless in the face of adversity.
The world at large is witnessing the rapid expansion of the digital economy. This in part due to the ever decreasing cost of connectivity devices and the now affordable cost of broadband internet. mobile telephony is also now ubiquitous with Zimbabwe having at least seven million registered cell phone users. Technology promises to change how things have been done. Disruptive Technology or Innovation is a term that was coined by Clayton Christensen in a book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” to describe how technology/innovation could challenge and eventually offset existing traditional markets.

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