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Donald Trumped by CrowdIt

document Crowd Creativity, Crowdfunding
Summary If you follow the crowdfunding industry, you might have seen how acclaimed real estate mogul and crowdfunding newbie, Donald Trump , threw his hat in the ring for a new and exciting venture – to provide monetary support through "FundAnything," (, a new crowdfunding site that aims to do just that – "fund anything."
Description CrowdIt CEO Jason Graf, an applicant to the 2006 'The Apprentice' television show, beats Donald Trump to the crowdfunding market


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  • Peter Muziczone Peter Muziczone May 21, 2013 08:32 pm GMT

    I am on the platform and I raised $20 of my 100k goal. Its a Mobile Television platform with a potential to create new movies for the future. We are using the funds to acquire Film Cameras and Broadcast equipment for a studio. With a successful track record in Marketing its not as easy as people think. Spread the word. I wonder If I co listed on both sites would that be a conflict of interest? Hmm...

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