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Engagement Media Technologies Launches Interactive Platform For Global, Real-Time Communication Outlets

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Engagement Media Technologies (EMT), an enterprise brand structured to empower global, real-time communication, announced today the launch of its much anticipated proprietary engagement distribution platform that services a variety of interactive outlets such as Engage.Me™, OneNews™, and Gevius™, which all fall under the StringFly™ mobile application.
StringFly™ is designed to empower users to create relevant and meaningful content centered on a branded experience or sponsored assignment. StringFly™ delivers a multimedia experience with user-generated content that includes photo, video, voice and text messaging all shared in real-time. Sponsored assignments keep users engaged in a "gamified" experience that offers rewards and incentives for completing tasks provided to users as various assignments, thereby allowing them to stay continually engaged with an ongoing purpose to elevate their status. Status points and other compensatory prizes are awarded to users who share their experiences with friends.

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