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Enterprise Crowdsourcing Use Cases Analysis

Research document Cloud Labor Category-focused Research , Research Report
Summary This report analyzes crowdsourcing opportunities in the enterprise market segment by categorizing existing crowdsourcing use cases within the enterprise market segment.

This research report addresses:

- proprietary methodology for the categorization of the crowdsourcing use cases.

- A definition of existing crowdsourcing use cases, and of the categories within the enterprise domain.

- Examples of projects and tasks delivered with the help of crowdsourcing.
Description The rapid growth of the crowdsourcing market has led to the continuous emergence of new use cases. In order to create the most complete inventory of crowdsourcing use cases possible, the massolution team conducted an extensive review of the publicly available information on crowdsourcing transactions, announcements, and industry news.
Table of Contents

About This Research
Crowdsourcing Use Case Categories
1. Ideation-based Tasks
2. Expertise-based Tasks
3. Freelance-based Tasks
4. Software Services
5. Micro-tasks

Report Code: m.1.2.002

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