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Enterprise gamification: Will it drive better business performance?

document Crowd Creativity
Summary Concepts from the gaming industry have become increasingly useful as a way of improving and optimizing how we get work accomplished for our businesses. While many in the enterprise world may not be ready to adopt these ideas yet, gamification increasingly looks to be an effective set of techniques that now has an entire cottage industry forming to make it easier to achieve results.
Description In particular, crowdsourcing can be very important element of successful gamification.Here are some of the leading providers of gamification services, crowdsourcing platforms, and tools:

* BigDoor. Claiming to have rewarded over 280 million user actions, BigDoor is more customer facing and has a roster of well-known enterprise clients. The service aims at increasing user loyalty and improving engagements levels in existing touchpoints.

* Gigya. Gigya’s new Game Mechanics platform offers a set of plug-and-play or fully customizable plugins that reward and notify users,drive sought-after behaviors and promote competition within a community site.

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