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Social media has proven itself to be ineffective in bringing qualified professionals together and form venture’s simply because it lacks the capability to allow startups and entrepreneurs to search by need, interest and location. Furthermore, early-stage entrepreneurs and startup companies without the correct contacts will never outshine the rest with common conclusion unfortunately being failure. Avoid these pitfalls and find a solid starting point for new business ventures with ventureIntro, an all-new business partner contact solution for everyone.
Founded by CEO Gareth Nunn and officially ‘soft launched’ this week, ventureIntro is the ultimate place to discover a foundational ground for making connections with entrepreneurs, partners, crowdfunding, mentors, talent, and student internships. ventureIntro is filling the gaps that other business contact solutions, such as social media and business networking sites have left behind by providing that all important missing piece to the business jigsaw – the right contact.


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