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Equity Crowdfunding: How to Raise $1 Million through an Initial Crowd Offering

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Summary Initial Crowd Offering, Inc. today announced the release of a white paper guide to equity crowdfunding: “How to Raise $1 Million through an Initial Crowd Offering.” This white paper provides insight into equity crowdfunding, the newest capital market in the United States. Readers will learn details regarding the size of the new pool of capital, requirements to participate and access the capital, and proven ways to optimize the probability of successfully achieving funding goals.
Description For entrepreneurs, this guide provides valuable tips to enhance the probability of successfully completing an ICO.The white paper includes details about the size of the market, requirements to participate, and proven steps to optimize chances of successfully achieving the funding goals of an offering.

The ICO platform allows investors to find entrepreneurs who are marketing their business in order to receive investments from “the crowd”-friends, family, contacts, and complete strangers who believe in their idea. Success rates for crowd offerings are generally in the 40% to 50% range,much higher than 5% for Venture Capitalists or 10% for small business loans.

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