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Film director invites the public to make movie

document Crowd Creativity
The Albrecht family are sitting at the table… that’s the first sentence of a new Dutch film project by director Paul Verhoeven. The public have been invited to write the rest of what is being billed as the world’s first ever User-Generated Movie.

Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven has called on the public via the website of Entertainment Experience to write the script, compose the theme tune and design a game based on the film. Anyone in the Netherlands with talent is welcome to join the project, but is that talent out there?

Mr Verhoeven, “There are so many people, 16 million, I believe, of course there is talent out there. But people have just never tried it before. Now these people can say, “Let’s give it a go.” It is already being done with all kinds of television programmes in the Netherlands.”

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