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Gamification – Crowdsourcing that Engages Your Customers

In today's marketplace, we need to build our professional personas in the social marketing community. As a marketer, gamification is a topic that you might want to start paying attention to. Gamification taps more than 200 million people that play reward based online games. Moreover, investors have taken notice that it has a rapid-growing list of agencies are beginning to help their clients “do gamification.”
The process of gamification identifies what makes games compelling and important to the customer and uses those techniques to motivate behavioral changes in areas that are not traditionally considered to be fun.Some of the more famous gamification examples is ‘The Fun Theory’ campaign by Volkswagen , the LinkedIn progress bar. In addition, Starbucks also incorporated game mechanics into its popular loyalty program “My Starbucks Rewards”, showing that Starbucks brand is not just a place to get a cup of gourmet coffee, but a center for socializing and a lifestyle that customers want to possess.

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