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Google’s to shut down in 6 months

document Distributed Knowledge
Description, a product that Google acquired when it took over Slide, is set to be terminated over the next six months. A crowdsourcing project, this website provided a platform where users could create contests to solve their problems and the winners would win cash prizes.

However, it will be phased out by early next year by Google since it "isn't experiencing the kind of adoption we had hoped for."

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  • Karan B Karan B Jul 03, 2012 11:12 am GMT


  • Karan B Karan B Jul 03, 2012 11:20 am GMT

    what i don't understand is why would TOI report this news out of the blue, it is completely out of TOI's usual domain, although not out of the domain of millions of Indians.

    GREAT RIDDANCE, read my posts as Karan Bhatia in their forums to see why they were one of the most corrupt crowdsourcing sites out there and why Indians must be vigilant against such sites, because India has the world's largest number of freelancers and crowdsourcing english-speaking talent.

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