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Harnessing Crowds as a Motivational Mechanism

document Distributed Knowledge
Summary Crowds have successfully been used to build large datasets, complete tasks efficiently, and solve hard problems. But crowds can also be used as powerful mechanism to encourage contributions by users. The researchers presented Blog Muse, a system which motivated the contribution of blog entries by allowing large audiences to gather around topics and
recommending those to potential bloggers.
Description The Blog Muse idea can be generalized beyond blogging to other forms of social media such as bookmarks, videos, photos, etc. In such a system, a straightforward application of this concept would be to allow users to tell others what they would like to be able to see or read about alongside the content that the sites’ other users are currently contributing.
Many sites today highlight popular content or trending topics from their contributors, which can grow into worldwide memes – and the same could be done for audience requests.

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