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He Who Pays First, Laughs Last: The Rise of Crowdfunding

A project in development by Chris Hecker, called SpyParty , basically based on the premise that one player is the Spy who must blend in at a party whilst surreptitiously completing certain tasks. Meanwhile, his opponent is the Sniper who sits across the street, scoped in on the party and watching all attendees to figure out who is really the Spy. It’s a pretty awesome idea, and awesome ideas have a way of spreading.
Crowdfunding, especially in a paid beta programme like SpyParty‘s, lets you effectively set a price before the game is released. It conveys the value proposition of the game, strengthens its position as a desirable product, and enables the developer to judge market interest in that product before committing too many resources. Probably more important than any of that, it gets people talking about the game – and that’s something most marketing departments have to pay for, not get paid for.

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