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How OpenStreetMap Got Apple To Give It Due Credit

document Distributed Knowledge
Apple has finally given credit where credit was due: To OpenStreetMap, a crowdsourced world map that Apple recently began using in its iPhoto app without proper attribution.The belated attribution comes nearly two months after Apple switched from using Google Maps as its default mapping software in mobile applications to OpenStreetMap for its new version of photo-editing app iPhoto, released along with the new iPad on May 7.
OpenStreetMap’s Fairhurst explained to TPM the story of how Apple finally got around to giving the upstart its proper credit: By a nudge from the Foundation and through a third-party Apple developer.

As Fairhurst wrote:

“The OSM Foundation has made informal contact with staff at Apple and, in addition, one of our volunteer mappers who is an iOS developer spoke to people at Apple. We believe it was the latter that precipitated adding the attribution - it’s great to have such an active and engaged community!

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