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How Twitter And Facebook Helped Bing Thom Design A Public Library

document Crowd Creativity, Distributed Knowledge, Open Innovation
Where most architects would rely on town-hall meetings and focus groups to learn what the community wanted, Bing Thom had to rely on Facebook and Twitter to meet an exacting deadline.
Normally, a project of this magnitude would involve loads of public forums,PowerPoint presentations, and long-winded grandstanding by civic leaders.But with precious little time for standard bloviation,BTA instead launched a library website, a Facebook page, a YouTube presence, a Twitter account, and an RSS feed, and invited all comers to comment. They populated the sites with images of the project and invited viewers to post their own images and text of what they would like the library to look like in an online "ideasbook." Librarians helped the digitally challenged to scan and upload the pictures they wanted the committee to see.

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