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How You Can Succeed With Crowdfunding Or Crowdsourcing

Summary Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is quickly emerging as a new tool for entrepreneurs to seek funding and resources that they are needed in order to advance their projects,businesses and/or causes.The concept behind it encourages and promotes the teamwork of groups,communities and network to come together in order to support and contribute to a project.The type of projects that have experienced success on Rock The Post range from disaster relief to an upcoming artist pursuing their dream to a vision of a business operation.Collaboration,attention,and trust is key when it comes to being in the network that help these ordinary ideas become extraordinary.
The following is an Action Guide to follow to make sure your project succeed beyond your wildest imagination.

-The first step towards success is to starts leveraging your network and your networks network.
-Be authentic, clear, and innovative with your project.
-Include additional team members so they can leverage their networks too!
-Make strong visuals.
-Share future plans.
-Keep fans and supporters updated on new and exciting developments!
-Share with all your social networks.
-Know who your target audience.
-Keep up a high activity level throughout the duration of your post!
-Last, be ready to be blown away.

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