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Human Participant Research Guidelines

document Cloud Labor
Online labor markets, known as crowdsourcing, are becoming popular mechanisms for recruiting potential research participants. Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks to a large group of people (a "crowd") through an open request via the internet in exchange for monetary remuneration. Crowdsourcing has become popular among social scientists as a source to recruit research participants from the general public for studies.
Researchers studying the use of crowdsourcing have found that individuals who sign up to complete tasks tend to use the monetary remuneration they receive as a supplementary source of income.These guidelines have been created to assist University of Waterloo researchers when planning online studies using a crowdsourcing service. These guidelines detail information about the most common research ethical dilemmas researchers may face such as: contractual obligations required by the crowdsourcing service, recruitment and information-consent, inclusion/exclusion criteria,risks,use of deception or partial disclosure,appropriately estimating the time duration for the study,details concerning how to withdraw from the study,remuneration,privacy and confidentiality,and contacting participants.


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