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IBM Taps Big Data to Help Solve Water Challenges Across South Africa

IBM marks World Water Day with the launch of a crowdsourcing project to help capture, share and analyze information about the water distribution system in South Africa. The project, called "WaterWatchers," is driven by a new mobile phone application and SMS capability that will enable South African citizens to report water leaks, faulty water pipes and general conditions of water canals. Every update will provide vital data points to an aggregated "WaterWatchers" report to create a single view of the issues challenging South Africa's water distribution system.
"This project is about analyzing use, predicting demand and managing the future of our country's water,"said IBM South Africa Smarter Planet Executive Ahmed Simjee . It's a unique exercise in crowdsourcing for South Africa and we encourage every person to become a 'citizen scientist'-to engage with the environment and help create a big picture map of our water leaks and issues. By enabling countless individuals to gather and submit data, WaterWatchers represents a new kind of data aggregation, analytics and visualization for water planners in South Africa–and is exactly the kind of Big Data challenge IBM excels at solving."


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