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Ideavibes London Crowdsourcing - Crowdfunding - Citizen Engagement Workshop

document Crowdfunding, Distributed Knowledge
Summary Presentation given at Innovation Warehouse on June 20/11 focused on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding for start-ups, non-profits, charities, cities, etc.

Description When integrating crowdfunding into your organization:

Crowdfunding success comes quickest to organizations that are social –media-aware and engaged. If your organization is not yet social media-enabled, it will take time and human and financial resources to do so.

Because your efforts are only as good as the crowd you are able to mobilize to your cause, it makes sense that your organization strategically manages and promotes its brand online.

Make sure your target audience is online and will give online

In posting your projects on established crowdfunding sites, do your homework – be careful of the company you keep.

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