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In for a penny: crowdsourced funding saves community projects

Summary The ex-mining community of Glyncoch in south Wales has taken more than its fair share of knocks over the years. So you could forgive the people of the area, where unemployment runs at around 60%, for pessimism when a lack of funding threatened to derail plans for a new £792,000 community centre.
Description Chief executive Liz Peace, who is also on the board of Spacehive, says crowdfunding offers not only a way of helping to plug that gap but a potentially exciting route to tap into people's aspirations.

"Developers put millions in in community contributions but you do sometimes wonder if it's all a bit top-down. The experience is that the money can sit in local authority coffers for years while they work out how it is spent," she says. "This might be a way of making it more bottom-up, of getting real community involvement."

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